Marketing With Love Digital is an accessible online platform focused on helping business owner and entrepreneurs have a clear understanding of:

* What Public Relations is? 
* How it can help your business?
* How to implement strong and effective strategies across your business?
* How to build campaigns?
* How to leverage the value of public relations short and long term?

The Marketing With Love Digital portal provides access to a range of services and products to support business growth.  These include:

* Training courses   * Seminars   * Workshops   * Webinars   * Blog posts
* Toolkits   * Events   * Networking opportunities   * Press opportunities

There are also opportunities for subscribers to participate in a range of activities including becoming a member of The PR Club.  The is a members-only section of the site where subscribers will gain exclusive access to additional resources. Including:

* Premium events at a free and discounted rate
* Early bird access to workshops 
* Early bird access to exclusive content

The PR Club advances all of the above benefits for its members and much more.   

If you want to learn more about The PR Club - click here


How does Marketing With Love Digital work?

It is a portal with very clear goals:

  • Helping start-up and growing business owners to understand what PR is
  • Helping business owners to understand how PR benefits business owner via intangible growth assets
  • Helping business owners to learn the tools which help build the value of their business 
  • Helping business owners to implement the tools and strategies to increase the value of their business


Key benefits

  • Marketing With Love Digital provides access to resources which helps the business owner to achieve their goals
  • Marketing With Love Digital is most appropriate for business owners who have a long-term strategy for their business
  • Marketing With Love Digital is for the business owner who wants to increase their business value


Feedback and Testimonials

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Who created Marketing With Love Digital and why?

The Marketing With Love Digital portal has been built by Nicola Millington, founder and owner of PR agency FP Comms.  

FP Comms is a boutique public relations agency that works with ambitious and socially aware businesses, and entrepreneurs.  FP Comms is becoming a recognised voice within public relations for equity equality and ethics in the business environment and works with a team of highly educated and empathetic professionals, who have access to and the attention of some of the most powerful and influential voices within the media and journalism.

FP Comms is also home to Marketing With Love Digital and The PR Club, a website dedicated to assisting and supporting aspiring and budding company owners who want to learn, develop and enhance their public relations knowledge and skills.

To learn more about Nicola and the impetus for creating this platform CLICK HERE


About FP Comms

Marketing With Love Digital is part of FP Comms 

FP Comms, the marketing company dedicated to supporting businesses communicate bravely and with confidence.

We are ethical, small & growing business, using PR to promote the Determined, the Rule-Breaker, the System-Disrupter, the Revolutionary & importantly, the Creative.
The list of our accomplishment over the years include:
1. Increasing business awareness, sales and visibility
2. Building strategic and effective PR plans for business growth and sustainability
3. Protecting and building a business' brand
4. Managing a PR crisis
5. Educating businesses about PR and how to utilise it
6. Taking a brand from obscurity to front covers and national press

Our clients have a vision, a passion and a goal; they are the thinkers, creators and innovators.

The vision for FP Comms is created to be a marketing company that delivers services that build and maintain long-term relationships between our clients and their customers.

We provide all aspects of marketing on behalf of our clients as well as organising and promoting our own entertainment events and services.

FP Comms is a Living Wage Employer  https://www.livingwage.org.uk/