As you investigate further about Marketing With Love Digital and The PR Club as a PR resource, you need to and want to know that this is, accurate, worthwhile and will provide you with your needs. 

In addition, this site is about the care and nurturing it takes to build a successful business and to communicate that success effectively, consistently, honestly and impactfully.  So read the reviews and experiences of people, who are business owners.  How did they feel? What did they gain?  


"I have worked within the corporate environment for over 20 years within FTSE 100 business and have worked neither our Comms teams and I can genuinely say that FP Comms are operationally at that level of expertise, competence and experience to support businesses.

I don’t generally get involved in lots of discussions, but as a business mentor and business coach, I understand the value and I think it’s important to share best practices"

                                               Carlton Brown - Marshall and Brown

"The services offered from FP Comms is outstanding. The experience and extensive knowledge from Nicola and her team is second to none. For your marketing needs, look no further!"

Lorraine Bellot - Entrepreneur

"I have found the website engaging and easy to navigate. Terms and conditions clear and comprehensive.  The videos of yourself and Drexel LeBow explaining PR was excellent and being able to leave a comment was good. Even better was being able to update comment as I made an omission." 

Karen Ebanks - KT Virtual Assistance

 "I visited your new site.... It looks great.... Nice and clear... The monthly features are great idea. Also, it is very easy to navigate around."

Nicole Pinkney - Entrepreneur

 "Nicola knows what she is doing when it comes to PR.  She wrote a press release for me and really communicated about my business in a way others have not done in the past.  I love this platform too."

Rejoice Bhila - Entrepreneur

"As a marketing company, they walk alongside you and help you communicate effectively, even when you doubt your own capabilities. We are proud to be working with them as they grow!" 

Michaela Pontiki - Founder of Arapina Bakery

"Nicola is amazing at what she does. She cares greatly about the success of her clients and is incredibly knowledgeable. Highly recommended!" 

Leah Ryz - UX Entrepreneur

 "Nicola's energy, attention to detail and her ability to deliver are what stand out to me. We worked together for only a few months, but in that time I was impressed by her commitment to her work and her positive attitude. Nicola always took time to understand the needs of her customers which resulted in work of consistently high quality and effectiveness." 

Wendy Thompson - Chartered Marketer, Engagement and project Management Specialist

"Nicola reported to me whilst I was UK Managing Director, responsible for Corporate affairs, at Ascent Media UK. She was extremely competent and managed all the marketing affairs and branding of the Company in the UK, including dealing with input from the parent company in the USA. She is dedicated, creative and honest." 

Sam Husain - Managing Director, HEP Holdings Ltd