Nicola, the driving force behind the acclaimed boutique PR agency FP Comms, is a passionate advocate for PR and marketing conducted with love and integrity. With over two decades of experience in the field, she has forged strong connections with businesses worldwide, leaving an indelible mark on their success.

As a black woman in a predominantly white male industry, she refuses to be boxed into the "strong black woman" stereotype. Instead, she revels in her identity as an exceptionally skilled, sophisticated professional who excels in her craft.

But let's shift the focus away from her remarkable journey and toward the reason you're here.

  • You might be seeking to boost your visibility
  • Secure more press coverage
  • Manage negative feedback
  • Drive inquiries and sales
  • Cultivate a robust customer database
  • Ignite conversations about your brand
  • Build trust and goodwill with your audience

Any combination of these objectives holds true for you. But what's the role of PR in achieving them?

PR is the versatile tool you can employ to realise these goals and more. It's not just about growing your business and turning a profit—though that would be a Herculean task without PR. It's also about safeguarding your brand reputation, paving the way for future generations, demonstrating your ongoing success in established or yet-to-be-born ventures, and an array of other motivations that lead people into the realm of public relations.

Nicola, as the founder of FP Comms, may come across as humorous and creative, but don't be fooled—her fervent fight for equity and equality takes center stage. Injustice in the business world irks her, and she's committed to sharing information about outstanding businesses with care, enabling your product or service to impact lives in profound ways.

Building substantial relationships with journalists and content creators occupies a significant portion of her time because she recognises their potential to spark transformative change in the world.

She understands the immense significance of media coverage for business owners—visibility, the promise of survival and growth, the ability to support their workforce, order new stock, expand, bolster communities, and attain personal satisfaction. She also aware that through nurturing your relationships effectively, you can increase your response rate and ROI to by 30% to 40%.  Which is a remarkable  outcome for businesses in today's economic envirinment.

Her expertise shines in crafting engaging, creative content that captivates your audience and amplifies your unique voice and vision. She aims for a level of depth in communication that transcends mere information delivery. It's about selecting language that resonates with your audience, forging authentic connections, and driving lasting impact.

Her career, including her role as the Head of Marketing for a major UK film and media company, equips her with an unparalleled skill set. She managed budgets exceeding a quarter of a million pounds. In addition, she masterminded marketing and PR strategies for 13 distinct business units, all while efficiently managing both internal and external teams and projects. She knows her stuff, and she's not afraid to sprinkle some wit and creativity into the mix.

With her experience in creating compelling content, she excels in capturing and maintaining audience attention. Whether through strategic planning, social media campaigns, corporate initiatives, or strategic partnerships, she's adept at conveying messages and nurturing relationships with stakeholders.

Her client roster boasts impressive names like Virgin Galactic, The Elders, Ascent Media Group UK, the United Nations, and Notting Hill Carnival, among others. She believes in working with the best to be the best.

But she doesn't stop at client services. Through her "Marketing With Love Digital" portal and "The PR Club," she provides resources and support for businesses that want to gain a greater understanding of PR, whilst building the foundations all agencies will charge thousands to do.

At FP Comms, Nicola and her team collaborate with determined clients to devise customized PR strategies aligned with their overarching business objectives. Her approach to PR is rooted in authenticity, transparency, and an earnest commitment to long-term growth.

She's a frequent host of workshops, interviews with experts, and sought-after speaker, offering practical tips and strategies for crafting successful PR campaigns. Through our regular blog and social media channels, she shares invaluable industry insights and inspiration.

Nicola firmly believes in the power of PR not only to enhance brand reputation and visibility but also to drive positive change in the world—a sentiment deeply influenced by her role as a mother.

If you're ready to elevate your PR game and make a meaningful impact, let's connect and explore the possibilities together. Are you prepared to witness your business thrive? Let's join forces and make it a reality. 

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