What is diversity and why is it important to the supply chain?

Inclusion of diversity in supply chain is a hot topic for the 2022. It is not just about adding diversity in supply chain, but also about making sure that there are no biases or prejudices against any group.

Diversity in supply chain goes beyond hiring and includes representation of different genders, races, religions, and other groups. It also includes fair pay practices.  There are many ways in which biases present themselves in the supply chain.

* Affinity bias, Attribution bias, Beauty bias, Conformity bias, Confirmation bias, Gender bias, The halo effect, The contrast effect, Ageism, Name bias

 Ref:  https://nshcs.hee.nhs.uk/about/equality-diversity-and-inclusion/conscious-inclusion/understanding-different-types-of-bias/ 

Supply chain impacts what happens to materials as they're moving through the system, and some groups suffer more because of this interaction and example of this is women experience a 40% wage gap and more so if race is taken into account.

The power structure in supply chain can make certain groups disadvantaged or privileged depending on their membership within that structure.

Some people in power don't understand how others feel or may not care what happens to them.The impact of supply chain on people comes in different forms. People and groups may hold certain cultural values that have been traditionally opposed, so they suffer the most when it's forced on them.


What is one of the many consequences for individuals and societies?

Some people feel as though their voices and efforts go unheard or underutilised. They feel exploited, afraid to speak out, or demoralised by being themselves and afraid to speak out, or demoralized by being treated like they have no power.


How can you diversify your supply chain?

There are many ways in which you can diversify your supply chain. You can start by looking at the different products and services that your company offers, and also the different countries that you work with. This will give you a good starting point for how to diversify your supply chain. The more you can diversify your supply chain, the less vulnerable it will be to outside factors.

  • What are you doing to change the narrative, tone of voice, and language within your business? 
  • When looking at your consumer are you unconsciously biased?

  • Is cognitive diversity a part of the process?

  • We can help your organisation shape the narrative and ensure you have a more inclusive tone of voice

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