The value of feedback


Carla Shohet -the founder of Wild Mother attended one of our workshops and provided her feedback, which she permitted us to use on our platforms. On receipt of the feedback, it struck a chord about the value of testimonials, outside of promotion and personal gratification. Feedback is an essential element of honest business growth.  

The properties feedback provides the body starts with the reaction you receive through your hippocampus. 

"The hippocampus, located in the medial temporal lobe and connected with the amygdala that controls emotional memory recalling and regulation (Schumacher et al., 2018); it has increased the functional connectivity with anterior cingulate or amygdala during emotional regulation and recalling of positive memory"


So what does that mean from a practical perspective?  It means that through positive reinforcement of words (spoken and written), your brain increases healthy functionality, triggering you to repeat those positive behaviours. The same can be true from a negative perspective - (but let's stay focused on the positive).

Recently, a conversation with the Linkedin Coach Rob YB Youngblood also shared the mental and emotional value of providing testimonials on Linkedin for yourself, and its power to help others. So how can you benefit from that and what steps should you take?


Next steps?

Testimonials are not only beneficial when you receive them, but also when you provide them. People will judge you based on how you speak about others, including on blogs and YouTube channels. This can make a difference between winning or losing a contract. So be kind with your words, they are a reflection of you.

Testimonials can also help with your SEO. Have you ever done an online search of yourself and seen your name come up through feedback you have provided on a site?

Testimonials are of course a great PR tool for showing people your consistency and impact in a specific area or topic. Testimonials are one of those quick digestible and trackable tools to see the common thread of your character and value proposition.

Thanks to Carla for sharing her thoughts about our workshop, but we are appreciative of the lessons it taught us.