The importance of having a digital press room?

Having a digital press room can be a powerful tool for businesses of all sizes.

A Digital Press Room is a press release distribution tool that helps your company get noticed by the right media outlets. When you distribute a press release to over 1,000 journalists, who are interested in covering your news, the results build trust and an awareness about your business.

A digital press room allows you to quickly and easily disseminate information to the press and media outlets, ensuring that your message is heard. It can also help you reach new audiences and build relationships with members of the media, helping to increase the visibility of your brand. The visibility of your coverage achieved allows more customers to trust you and your product.

Additionally, having a digital press room allows for more organised and efficient communication, allowing you to manage and track responses with ease.

Last but not least, a company with a digital press room, allows for journalists to see clearly the topics you cover and in many instances pick up stories of the past and include you wtihin the converstion in real-time.  Recently, a client of ours achieved 100 pieces of coverage within one week as a result of a release that was published 7 months earlier - Special announcement: London based Ruddocks and Co. Chartered Certified Accountants sign up to Living Wage mandate



"Trust - In every relationship with your customers, you need to build trust. Without trust, there is no certainty for customers and this increases the likelihood of customers shopping elsewhere. One study has found that 81% of consumers buy based on trust .  This significant figure proves that you need to leverage your brand to establish trust with your customers so that they have a strong incentive to buy from you and become future loyal customers.(Edelman, 2019)"8 reasons why people will buy from youSource SMECOFE

All in all, having a digital press room can be an incredibly useful tool for businesses looking to expand their reach and make their message heard.



  • You're building a digital press room!
  • A digital press room is a website, mobile app, or social media tool that serves as the hub for all your company's public relations information. It often contains information on upcoming events and recent news stories, plus contact information for media contacts.
  • Including a digital press room in your PR strategy helps journalists find you and make informed decisions before they approach you with questions. With today's busy schedules, journalists are looking for information quickly and are more likely to publish stories about companies who have a digital press room.
  • Adding a digital press room to your PR strategy will help get your company covered in the media.


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