The importance of double opt-in email for new contacts and nurturing our communities

FP Comms’ team recently promoted and launched an event and workshop as part of the Marketing With Love Digital programme -Workshops

The aim of all the work FP Comms does with Marketing With Love Digital is to transfer the knowledge we have learned and experienced in PR, and support businesses to grow and stay in business for 13 and more years, in the same way Nicola has done since starting in this industry.

One of the areas we have noticed a glitch in growth is in a lack of data trust when registering for events. There are several sides to the coin on this topic and FP Comms believes that it is important to address this issue not just in its general context, but also from an FP Comms' perspective.


  1.     Complying with GDPR

The importance of complying with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) - this is a strict and very tough piece of legislation created to secure the data businesses hold on their ‘customers’.  As a small business, we cannot fall foul of this law and therefore it's imperative that we do all that we can to comply.  This can and often does include double and in some cases triple opt-in, which can also be putting the same information for one event twice or even thrice.  This is to ensure that the ‘customer’ can verify and double verify their choices.


  1.     Value of information

Many people feel that the logistics of subscribing to a free event is just about harvesting email addresses.  However, the real value of your information is in accessing registration details for the event you are subscribing to.  It is to ensure you receive the details about the event, how to access the post-event recording and any downloads we are willing to share about the event.

At FP Comms it is highly unlikely you'll receive any additional communication from us unless you become a member of our exclusive PR CLUB which provides our members with additional workshops, resources, and access to experts, or if you sign up for one of our campaigns on Marketing With Love Digital

We recognise that not everyone is ready for the steps required to grow their business.  Therefore, we do not find it productive to continually promote or share information about what we do and the products we are selling to the mass market.  In our opinion, this should only be available to those who fully opt-in.


  1.     Honesty

On social media and online in general, you should be prudent about the information you share about yourself and your business.  However, when registering for an event, it is imperative that you are at least honest about your email address and contact details.  Many ‘customers’ have the capacity to set up an additional email address for specific activities.  However, others believe that by providing the business with the incorrect details they are denying the business their data.  In fact, what you have done by not providing your correct email and contact details is deny yourself access to the information you need.


  1.       Check your junk mail

FP Comms works on logic and respect.  Therefore, if as a business we have not connected with you in a real way, there is a likelihood that our information which you have subscribed to will end in your junk box.  Many businesses take the ‘junk zone’ personally.  However, the reality is that you have not built a relationship with us. 

That said, the fact that we have ended up in your junk mail is an indication that you have shown a direct interest in something specific and you are now receiving information about that.



  1.   Relationships take time to build. 

If this is the first time you have registered for one of FP Comms’ – Marketing With Love Digital events, and you have not received your information, please check your junk or spam box.


A few FP Comms tips:

Have you signed up for a FREE workshop or event and felt overwhelmed by the emails you have received afterwards?  Here are some helpful tips.

  • Have a dedicated email box for your events registrations.  You can always change the email you use with the business later - if you want to stay in touch
  • Do a regular declutter of sites you subscribe to.  If you have not read anything they have sent you, maybe you should unsubscribe from their mailing list 
  • Confirm which mailing lists you are part of.  You may have originally subscribed to a beginner class, but as time moves on your needs may change.  Are you part of the correct database?  If not, change your specifications
  • Check how to unsubscribe.  It should be very simple 



6 simple steps on how to double opt-in work with a zoom call event?

  1. Register for your event
  2. You will receive a confirmation via email
  3. Once you confirm, you will receive an ‘access to event’ email
  4. Click the zoom link
  5. Register with the email you will be accessing zoom with
  6. You will receive a confirmation email and then wait for the event