Putting your Public Relations only on social media is business suicide

Look at that, Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp are all down (as of 18:00hrs on 4th October). But, how are you maintaining your relationships and keeping your business sales going?

What if it was your Linkedin, Pinterest ...... accounts are you able to maintain and prosper without these platforms? 

Are you struggling right now because your social media platform is down right now? 

This is your time to maximise your: 

Create a plan to ensure that you are never impacted by social media outages in the future.

If you are a small and growing business and reliant on only social media, you will fail.  

In the same way that Amazon makes millions per second, many businesses will be losing a lot of money over the period Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp are down.

The financial implications to these businesses will be enormous - This article in the New York Times provides some interesting facts and figures.

Also, it will be the business owners with the best database of journalists and content creators who will be able to manage this situation.

As night follows day this situation will happen again.  Do not miss the benefits of our preparation, planning and strategy. 

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 Time to get planning!

MWL Digital Team