How ‘Twitter Blue’ Verification Tick could impact #Journorequest?

Twitter has been in the news a lot lately due to its new verification process. The process, which was put into place to prevent fake accounts and bots, has caused a lot of problems for users who are trying to be ‘authentically’ verified.

One of PR’s most problematic aspects of the new verification process is the fact that it could impact the #journorequest hashtag


What is #Journorequest?

The #journorequest is a hashtag used by journalists on Twitter to find sources for stories.

However, there is now a double-edged problem facing both Journalists and  PR respondents – how do you confirm authenticity?  How does a person responding to the request know that the request is real, and not a timewaster seeking freebies?  Additionally, does this increase the risk of journalists being initially catfished by fake respondents?

The solution is to do your research and also invest in a professional who has contact details and knows how to build relationships with journalists and content creators outside of social media.


Twitter blue verification can potentially lose business owners even greater time and waste a lot of money by responding and sending products to illegitimate 'journalist' accounts


The new Twitter verification process could have a negative impact on #journorequest and user-generated content. Journalists are having difficulty finding sources, which means they are less likely to tweet using the hashtag. This could lead to less user-generated content and lower long-term revenue for Twitter.


Why do people want to be verified?

At its core, verification is a way for people to know that the notable accounts they are following or searching for are exactly whom they say they are. It's a way for people to know which accounts are authentic and notable.  However, with Twitter Blue, anyone could purchase the blue tick and this has led to an influx of false accounts.  In fact, Twitter was flooded with impostor accounts after it re-launched its premium service, which grants blue check verification labels to anyone willing pay approximately £7 per month.

The social media platform's new subscription plan has been met by critics who say that celebrities and anyone will now be able to gain access without being verified or having any special skills other than paying upfront for an account - just like everyone else!

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