Canva has launched a new template and it looks great!


Canva has launched a new template and it makes video content creation even more fun to create. 

The value between money and time is always a seesaw most business people have to balance.  Canva has helped a little in the area of saving both money and time with this new template.  Take a look at our demo creation using one of their existing templates.

Here are a couple of benefits of this new template

  1. You can share a link for people to view your content -(this was completed in just 3 mins flat), it is easy and simple to use.  If you are on a budget, want to flex your creative muscles or just want to edit something very quickly, try this new template.    This means that you do not always have to download and save big files on your PC or mobile.
  2. You can easily grab a thumbnail from your video for your posts and thumbnails


This new template is a fun addition to the Canva portfolio.  If you are new to Canva and would like to learn more, as well as stay updated, sign up for our Canva Workshop  - This offer is closing on 31st October 2021