Conscious christmas shopping: meaningful gift ideas and sustainable choices

On Thursday, 5th August I posted in several Facebook groups and other platforms the #blackownedchristmas one group with over 15k followers ran with it.


I have subsequently created a downloadable help sheet, to help and remind people to consciously track and build on that momentum - here is the help sheet


But then someone asked the question, WHAT NEXT? 



 So, here are some next steps to help EVERYONE who wants to get involved.  

    • If supporting the black economy, and black-owned businesses, or if you want to add variety to your Christmas, why not consciously seek out black-owned businesses?
    • If you are a Corporation and you do Christmas or corporate gifts, why not add a product or experience from a business that is black-owned?

One of our favourite luxury gifts in 2020 were Rum Cakes from Marshall and Brown -  (FYI:  their hampers were featured in Stylist)

Also, when I worked in a 'corporate' environment, one of my fave things was corporate gift-giving and I would love to create hampers for our clients.  (Think of the most opulent hamper with foods from across the globe for your clients to sample - that is a great way to say thank you!)


    Use the #blackownedchristmas to help businesses discover you. But also lookup directories such as Jamii or the movement Blackpoundday   I could go into the fact that you need a plan, or you need to have a strategy, but I am conscious of the impact of OVERWHELM is a real thing.  So if you do not have the budget, just add this hashtag to your list and make it easier for people to find you.  Other hashtags to consider:


  • ADDITIONAL CONSUMER  SUPPORT - Create a list of people you wish to purchase for and the businesses you will support us the attached download to create that list and keep your mission, budget at the forefront of your mind


I hope this post adds to the narrative and solution of building a more equitable society

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My company will provide as many tools as possible, but we CANNOT MAKE YOU invest in the success you say you want.  That is all up to you!

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