The thin line between PR & spin, embracing authenticity in comms

PR is used as an interchangeable term for convincing stakeholders and a wider public about who they are and what they do. In many ways, PR is used as a catch-all term for messaging and spin, like the word Google is used for online searches - it has become a shortcut for a broader practice.

Therefore, all that we see is not PR, it can also be spin, and they are not the same even if they seem interchangeble.

My grandmother's wisdom about character has led me to have a deep understanding of PR and it stems from the heart of values and speaks to the importance of authenticity in public relations.

My grandmother who raised 9 children and numerous of her grandchildren always used to say to me, “I will never swear that my child did or did not do something they were accused of, however, I would say that I know their CHARACTER and know if it sounds like something they would or would not do.”

True public relations is not about creating a perfect image for someone, but rather about conveying their true character and values to the public. It's about being straightforward and sincere, even when the going gets tough.

Too many people stand up for others based on popularity, rather than having a deep understanding of their character. This can be harmful because it can mislead the public and create a false impression of the person being represented.

When a person's character is tested, it's important to have someone who knows them well enough to vouch for their integrity and values. This is where genuine public relations shines.

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