TED Talks is coming to Clubhouse. How does this collaboration impact your PR strategy?

So, I know that credibility is important to you and your business, and one of the places that people feel they can get high credibility points is from being on a TED Talk or TEDx stage.

Well, imagine my surprise when I heard that Clubhouse is now partnering with TED TALKs. 

Do you have any idea of the potential benefits this has for you and your business? Forget six degrees of separation. It is literally one degree away.

Want to learn more about this collaboration read this article:  TED Talks Are Coming to Clubhouse

Get your PR strategy in place and ensure you are ready to seize these opportunities. Because the interlink between those media outlets and you are intricately entwined.

I hope this helped you.  

  • What do you think about this collaboration? 
  • How does this collaboration support the growth of the speakers that use both platforms?