Katt Williams set the cat amongst the pigeons with his intentional interview

The recordbreaking facts about the Katt Williams interview on Club Shay Shay

  • The interview has been viewed over 22 million times on YouTube within 2 days
  • The episode is the hghest viewed video on Club Shay Shay's YouTube Channel, January 6, 2024, making it one of the most-watched interviews on the channel
  • The interview has broken several records for "Club Shay Shay," including the most-watched episode in a single day and the most-liked episode
  • The interview has had one of the highest number of responses from the celebrities mentioned in the video (prorata)
  • The interview is sure to be remembered as one of the most important interviews of 2024


Katt Williams was clear about his intentions and objectives for being on the show he wanted to remind each of the comedians that had been interviewed on the channel that he was better than them all.  And he gives you hints that this was his intention;

  • "The reason I had to come, was that you made a safe place for the truth to be told" Timestamp 3:01
  •  "I studied all of the comedy masters regardless of the field...."  "when I got into the craft I need them to change their old material.... I knew that some of these bums to had to quit because most of these cannot keep up with me" Timestamp 45.46
  • "I had a list of all black comedians that were funnier than me.  There were about 300 of them and I had to cross them all out ....." Timestamp 100:47
  • "I had to watched all of the 300 comedians 10 times per piece.  I couunted the number of laughs you had by this number of minutes ....." Timestamp 1:23.48
  • About this interview "It's going to be in a dimension it has never been. The greatest thing floating in 2024.  .... Once I establish this as a place of truth.  Watch, Watch, God's people aren't that few" Timestamp 1:45.00


Katt Williams' interview on Club Shay Shay wasn't just a laugh-a-minute romp through comedic anecdotes. It was a detonation of strategic communication, a PR bomb detonated with such precision it would leave Edward Bernays himself applauding. Every name-drop, every perfectly timed pause, every seemingly off-the-cuff observation – all meticulously crafted to resonate with multiple audiences, leaving us with a treasure trove of PR lessons from the comedic kingpin.


Williams didn't simply sprinkle celebrity names like parmesan on spaghetti. He wielded them like a Michelin-starred chef wielding spices, each meticulously chosen to tantalise a specific palate:

  • Club Shay Shay's faithful flock: references to comedy giants like Dave Chappelle and D L Hugley instantly established a comfortable rapport with the show's core demographic, making him one of the gang, not just a guest. He wasn't just a comedian; he was a storyteller around the campfire
  • His devoted disciples: drops of names like Mark Curry were nostalgia grenades, reminding his fans of his iconic characters and reigniting the fires of adoration. He wasn't just a comedian; he was a beloved member of their comedic family, reminding them of shared laughter and inside jokes
  • The social media symphony: by seamlessly weaving in trending topics and cultural touchstones, Williams ensured his interview would be dissected, shared, and analysed across the digital landscape. He wasn't just talking; he was playing the algorithm like a virtuoso, composing a viral symphony across platforms


But the real brilliance lies not in the interview itself, but in the preparation behind it. Williams openly admitted to studying "how many laughs the best comedians get" and using that data to inform his own comedic rhythm. 

This meticulous intentionality is what separates good public relations from exceptional public relations. It's about understanding your goals, your audience(s), and the media landscape you're navigating, and then crafting your message with the precision of a Swiss watchmaker. It's about knowing your target market as intimately as Williams knows his punchlines, tailoring your approach to resonate like a perfectly delivered set-up.

Here are three public relation gems from the Katt Williams masterclass on club:

  • Know your audience(s): don't fall into the trap of one-size-fits-all messaging. Identify the diverse audiences you're aiming to reach and craft distinct touchpoints for each, like a comedian building personalised routines for different cities
  • Data is your compass: leverage insights and metrics to refine your communication. Learn from what resonates and adapt your approach accordingly, just like a stand-up refines jokes based on audience reactions
  • Define your objective: whether it's brand awareness, crisis management, or simply sparking a conversation, set a clear goal and let it guide your PR strategy, like a comedian crafting a set around a central theme

Remember, intentionality is the cornerstone of effective PR. So, the next time you craft a message, channel your inner Katt Williams and ask yourself: "Who am I trying to reach? What impact do I want to make? And how can I make it truly resonate?"

By adopting these principles, you can transform your communication from bland to brilliant, and turn your next project into a PR masterpiece worthy of a standing ovation, and maybe even a few well-earned laughs.

And remember, as Williams himself reminds us, "it's all about timing." So go forth, craft your message like a comic's punchline, and deliver it with the intentionality and precision of a seasoned performer. The stage is yours – make it your own.