Instagram is no longer a photo app, but emerging into a video entertainment platform. What is implications on PR?

As you may or may not know my name is Nicola and I love all things PR.
However, I have a quick update for you in regards to Instagram and Social Media.
Did you know that Instagram has changed? What is it doing?
If you doubt me, look for yourself  - Read Here
What does that mean for you?
Well for some of you, you do not, like or use Instagram to help your business, while for others, you are just trying to figure it out on your own.
I know that this change may feel like a little of an overwhelming prospect, especially if you are just getting used to the platform.
For me, it is essential that our clients get to grips with Instagram - quick, smart and in a hurry, because it is ONE of the platforms journalists look at when they are considering contributors for inclusion in a publication, especially if you are in sectors such as Food and Drink, Jewellery, Fashion .... FMCG
I just wanted to give you the heads up and ensure that you are not being left behind.
  • Let me know if this info helped?
  • What is the impact for you and the business?