4 Simple Ways to Use Podcasting to Grow Your Brand & Increase Your Reach

Right now you can’t go anywhere without someone mentioning one or two they are listening to, even giant media corporations are jumping on the bandwagon. I am talking about podcasting! You probably have the favourites that you are currently listening to or maybe you are just getting into them. The fact of the matter is podcasting is here to stay. According to Ofcom (the number of weekly podcast listeners has almost doubled in five years – from 3.2m (7% of adults aged 15+) in 2013 to 5.9m (11%) in 2018[i].

You are currently sitting here thinking, what can a podcast do for me?  Let me share with you four simple ways that podcasting can grow your influence and your brand.

Image with permission of use by Lillian Ogbogoh

Rock Your Expert Status

You want to be known as the go-to person in your field, you want clients seeking you out because you know ‘your stuff’.  When you set up a podcast, you are sending out the message you are a voice of authority in your arena. You are behind the mic, sharing your message and brand with people. Not just your current tribe, but with a wider audience.

Many podcasts are borderless and could have people as far flung as Fiji listening in and learning about you, your message and your brand. You may say to yourself, “I am just starting out and I don’t feel comfortable with the expert badge just yet”.

* You can take the ‘Oprah’ route, by becoming known as the person who features other great experts, sharing their powerful stories. Let’s call it the ‘expert by association’ rule.  And guess what? You don’t even have to own your own podcast to leverage your reach as an expert.

* Be a guest on other people’s podcasts. They feature you as the expert, showcasing you and your brand to their audience both locally and internationally. The more you are featured and heard, the more people get to see you as the expert in your field. 


Beating a Path to your Audience

We all know the old saying that goes “people buy from those who they like and trust.” Podcasting helps you to build that trust quicker by carving a path directly to your tribe. It also allows your tribe to get a behind the scenes insight into the person behind the brand, understand your vision, purpose and why. Podcasting allows for direct interaction with your audience. Obtaining a better understanding of their wants, needs and why’s. This direct interaction, in turn, helps them build a deeper connection with you and your brand. So when you do make a call to action, your listeners are ready to say ‘yes!’


Nailing Your Delivery

Podcasting can make you a better communicator allowing you to become a master at delivering your core message to your tribe in a way that is both captivating and engaging. The upside here is the more you podcast, the more comfortable you would become speaking in public. And the more you position yourself as a leader, greater chances of speaking opportunities coming your way.


Content is Key

Having great content is another fantastic way to grow your brand and your reach. Did you know that you can repurpose your interview or podcast episodes into multiple branded content? Once the show has gone live, you as the host you can do a quick live video, to sum up, your thoughts, share key highlights.

If you have an interview-based show, to edify your guests and giving the key points from the interview in your own words. Your show can be transcribed and share the show notes on your show’s page for those who are auditorily impaired.

As a guest, creating a blog piece about your appearance on a show is a great way to share your time on the show ensuring your crowd knows what you have been up to. Even doing an InstaLive capturing the top three points you made during your and a great way to invite your tribe to listen to the whole interview.

These are the four quick ways to grow your brand and increase your reach.

* Positioning yourself as the expert or getting yourself known as the go-to expert in your field.

* Growing your audience reach and the strengthening the connection you have with your audience through direct interaction.

* Improving your communication skills and generating public speaking opportunities.

And the final way we explored is using podcasts to create great content that you can repurpose in numerous ways to continue to reach your audience and grow your brand.   


Post Credit

This post is powered by Lillian Ogbogoh – a show host, international speaker, and published author.

She believes that owning one’s own story is powerful. Her current podcast, Shine Out Loud Show, focuses on shining the light on the incredible men and women in the Black, Asian and mixed ethnic communities who are changing the landscape with their diverse creative talents.

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Ref: [i]  https://www.ofcom.org.uk/about-ofcom/latest/media/media-releases/2018/uk-podcast-listening-booms