101 Ways to Amplify Your Brand with PR and Social Media Integration

With a collective experience spanning over 101 years at FP Comms, our team has successfully executed numerous remarkable campaigns and embarked on powerful projects. From grassroots community initiatives to collaborations with the United Nations, we've left our mark.

While technology has evolved, the fundamental principle of PR remains unchanged - relationships lie at the heart of every PR endeavor. Leveraging our extensive combined experience, we're excited to present you with 101 innovative ways to seamlessly integrate PR with Social Media.

  1. Social Media Press Releases: Share press releases on social media platforms

  2. Live-Tweeting Events: Live-tweet company events, conferences, or product launches

  3. Interactive Q&A Sessions: Host Q&A sessions on social media to answer customer questions and provide insights

  4. Behind-the-Scenes Content: Offer a sneak peek into the daily workings of your organisation

  5. Customer Testimonials: Share customer testimonials and success stories on social media

  6. Employee Spotlights: Highlight employees and their contributions

  7. Influencer Partnerships: Collaborate with influencers for PR campaigns

  8. Crisis Communication: Use social media for rapid response during a crisis

  9. Announcement Teasers: Tease upcoming announcements to build anticipation

  10. Infographics: Create infographics to simplify complex PR messages

  11. Visual Storytelling: Share visual stories about your brand's journey

  12. Community Engagement: Participate in community discussions on social media

  13. Contests and Giveaways: Use contests and giveaways to boost engagement

  14. Hashtag Campaigns: Create branded hashtags for campaigns

  15. Social Media Monitoring: Use social listening tools to track brand mentions

  16. Share Media Coverage: Share news articles and media coverage on social media

  17. Employee Advocacy: Encourage employees to share company updates on their personal social accounts

  18. Customer Feedback: Collect and respond to customer feedback on social media

  19. Podcast Promotion: Promote podcasts through social media channels

  20. Webinar Promotion: Share upcoming webinars and events

  21. Data Insights: Share industry insights and data reports

  22. Partnership Announcements: Announce collaborations and partnerships

  23. Product Demos: Share product demonstrations through videos

  24. Infographic Press Releases: Turn press releases into shareable infographics

  25. Social Media Ads: Run targeted PR campaigns through paid social ads

  26. Story Highlights: Create story highlights on Instagram to feature important moments

  27. LinkedIn Articles: Publish thought leadership articles on LinkedIn

  28. Employee Takeovers: Let employees take over social media for a day

  29. Interactive Polls: Conduct polls to gather feedback and insights

  30. Customer Appreciation: Celebrate customer milestones and loyalty

  31. Geotargeted Campaigns: Target specific regions with location-based content  (Local press)

  32. Trendjacking: Connect PR messages with trending topics when relevant - (Track social media)

  33. Video Interviews: Conduct video interviews with industry experts

  34. Twitter Chats: Host Twitter chats on industry-related topics

  35. Dedicated Landing Pages: Create landing pages for social media campaigns

  36. Customer Stories: Share real customer experiences

  37. Webinars on Social: Host webinars directly on social platforms

  38. Employee Training: Share employee training and development updates

  39. E-books and Whitepapers: Share downloadable resources

  40. Product Announcements: Reveal new products exclusively on social media

  41. Infotainment Content: Blend information with entertainment for engagement

  42. Employee Awards: Recognise outstanding employees on social media

  43. User-Generated Content: Share content created by customers

  44. Ask the CEO: Host Q&A sessions with the CEO or top executives

  45. Interactive Stories: Create interactive stories with polls and quizzes

  46. Case Studies: Share success stories and case studies

  47. In-Messenger PR: Use messaging apps for PR and customer service

  48. Live Product Demos: Stream live demonstrations of your products

  49. Sneak Peek Countdowns: Build anticipation with countdown posts

  50. Inclusive Campaigns: Promote diversity and inclusivity initiatives

  51. Social Surveys: Gather market research data through surveys

  52. Milestone Celebrations: Celebrate company milestones on social media

  53. Competitor Analysis: Share insights from competitor analysis

  54. Company Culture: Showcase your company's culture (Timeline infographics)

  55. Flashback Posts: Share memorable moments from the past

  56. Share Awards: Announce and celebrate industry awards

  57. LinkedIn Videos: Utilise LinkedIn video for thought leadership

  58. Holiday Campaigns: Create special campaigns for holidays

  59. Industry Trends: Share insights on industry trends

  60. Interactive Contests: Host interactive contests and quizzes

  61. Online Reviews: Share positive online reviews

  62. Meet the Team: Introduce team members individually

  63. Charity Initiatives: Highlight your company's philanthropic efforts.

  64. Market Updates: Share updates on market trends

  65. Inspirational Quotes: Share motivational quotes related to your industry

  66. Themed Content Weeks: Dedicate a week to specific themes or topics

  67. Infotainment Videos and PSA  (Public Service Announcement): Create informative yet entertaining videos

  68. LinkedIn Polls: Use polls on LinkedIn to gather opinions.

  69. In-Messenger Surveys: Use messaging apps for customer surveys

  70. Product Comparisons: Share comparisons with competitors

  71. Sustainability Initiatives: Promote eco-friendly efforts

  72. Industry Event Coverage: Live-tweet or post updates from industry events

  73. Virtual Tours: Offer virtual tours of your facilities

  74. Guest Bloggers: Feature guest bloggers on your website and promote on social media

  75. Recruitment Initiatives: Share job openings and company culture to attract talent

  76. Story Templates: Use story templates for consistent branding

  77. LinkedIn Thought Leadership: Share thought-provoking content on LinkedIn

  78. Interactive Timeline: Create a visual timeline of company achievements

  79. A/B Testing: Use social media for A/B testing of messaging

  80. Highlight Influential Followers: Recognize influential followers

  81. Instagram Guides: Create guides for product usage or tutorials

  82. Chatbots for PR: Use chatbots for customer inquiries on social media

  83. Seasonal Campaigns: Plan campaigns around seasons or holidays

  84. Customer Polls: Conduct polls to gather product feedback

  85. Collaboration Announcements: Share news about partnerships and collaborations

  86. Customer Stories: Share success stories and testimonials

  87. LinkedIn and Publications Contributor: Publish thought leadership articles

  88. Interactive Stories: Create engaging stories with interactive elements

  89. Product Teasers: Tease upcoming product launches

  90. Social Media Takeovers: Allow influencers or employees to take over your social media for a day (Collaborations)

  91. User-Generated Content Contests: Run contests for user-generated content

  92. Social Advocacy Programs: Encourage employees and customers to advocate for your brand on social media (Building a movement) 

  93. Webinars and Live Streams: Host webinars and live streams on relevant topics

  94. Interactive Quizzes: Create quizzes related to your industry 

  95. Data Visualisation: Share data in visually appealing formats (Infographics)

  96. Product Tips and Tricks: Provide tips for using your products effectively

  97. Employee Testimonials: Share what employees love about working at your company

  98. LinkedIn Company Updates: Regularly update your LinkedIn company page

  99. Highlight Customer Reviews: Showcase positive reviews from customers

  100. Customer Appreciation Days: Dedicate days to show appreciation to your customers

  101. Feedback Fridays: Encourage feedback and suggestions from your audience

  102. Media Mixers:  Bringing journalists and Content Creators to your brand